Social change powered by “in the room for the record” conversations


Many people are working in isolation on solutions which are incredibly important for the common good. The hope is to encourage thought leaders, visionaries and citizens to come together to identify, design and develop tools and processes that can help us to think together.

No one person has ‘The Answer’. The hope is that through an invitation to collaborate in a way that is transparent, accountable and openly engaging, we can host a tapestry of voices in an ongoing conversation about the change we need to be in the world.

Our ideas, voices and perspectives are of value. I’d like to test a theory: can we have conversations ‘for the record’, that help us to design and promote changemaking ideas together? Can we reflect on those conversations and see what makes sense to do moving forward? Can we ask some good questions, and follow the path of an open inquiry into what is possible?

To read more, go the Tammy’s blog: For the Record: Conversations for Social and Economic Change.

Tammy is an affiliate of SENSORICA and a member of CAKE. She is interested in citizen media as a vehicle for change.

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