People Planet Profit sustainability in business: dream or reality ?

Photo copyright: in Christopher Nolan’s Inception, if this item keeps on spinning it means the character is still in a dream state, but if it falls they can make sure they are in the awakened state / reality. On the last scene, which is here this photo : is the item falling or still spinning?

Imagine a world where corporations would serve the common greater good. What would this ideal world look like? What would law, finance, governance and citizen/consumer look like?
Is this ideal world a utopia or is it already somehow emerging? If so, how to leverage all the fragmented experiments and integrate them together to channel and focus our efforts?
This conference has been given on May the 20th of 2015 at University of Florida at the XII International Colloquium of Sustainable Development.

Submitted by : Pierre-Antoine BARRAILLÉ from praneo, a partner organization.
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