Part 1 of the Emerging Economy series: Extraordinary things are happening in the world


Part 1 of the Emerging Economy series:
Extraordinary things are happening in the world

Most of us are locked into the system. We don’t see the extraordinary things that are happening around us.

My whole life I’ve been fighting to free myself from society and the fear that locks us into the system. My lifetime career as a waiter has allowed me to gravitate around the fringe of  our society’s mechanisms. I never felt a belonging as I didn’t agree with how the world works.

A few months ago I joined Sensorica and began to see the world from a different perspective. A perspective that the world is changing and that I am starting to agree. But it’s happening under everyone’s nose and most haven’t realized it yet.

What is happening in the world? Why are things changing? I would like to share with you the reasons on why I believe that there is extraordinary change.

1- No one can stand the employment model anymore

Most of us rely on the corporate model to create value in our lives. Corporate decisions affect our economic wealth and people that work in big corporations can’t handle their jobs anymore. The lack of purpose mostly apparent in the new workforce, the Millennials, starts to knock on the door of each of us as a desperate scream coming from the heart.

Everyone wants to be an entrepreneur. People want to escape. They want to leave everything behind. Add to that unsustainable debt in our lives and the economy and it leads to burnouts, depression, divorce or worse.

2 – The entrepreneurship model is also changing

Inspired by the success of the likes of Mark Zuckerberg , thousands of young hoodie clad, macbook armed entrepreneurs ran to their garages to create their billion dollar ideas. The explosion of the startup movement was fueled by venture capitalists and angel investors looking to get in on the next big thing.

But what happens after you get funded?

You become an employee again. You have people that are not aligned with your values and your dream. The financial return starts to be the main driver. Brilliant startups fail because the model of chasing money never ends. And I have witnessed this first hand.

We need a new model of entrepreneurship, and there are some people doing great things about this 🙂

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