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Thursday, 20 March 2014 the founders of CAKE presented at Mosaic (HEC): Les formes nouvelles d’innovation ouverte: Sensorica, un réseau de valeurs ouvert dédié à l’innovation technologique et sociale.
See announcement on the Mosaic site.
We want to thank Dr. Mai Thai from HEC Montreal, who has worked with us since the IGC-HEC case, for organizing this event.
The audience was mixed. We met with people from CRIAQ (Synergetic Research and Innovation in Aerospace), Caisse Desjardin (Financial group), POINT Partenariat pour l’Ouverture de l’Innovation dans les Nouvelles Technologies) professors from HEC Montreal (business school), Polytechnique (department of mathematics), Hydro Quebec (public utility)… The feedback was great.
Our model is starting to become more than just an academic curiosity. Some expressed concerns about the current innovation models (consortia, incubators and accelerators) and were very intrigued by SENSORICA, which is the least we can say to describe the general sentiment.